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Pastoral Council

The pastoral council promotes the spiritual growth of the parish community, directs and develops the pastoral plans and policies of the parish, and serves as a primary channel whereby parishioners may make known their views on parish matters. It is expected that the pastor will consult the council on matters of major pastoral concerns that affect the life and mission of the parish.

Roster of Members

The members of pastoral council are elected by the parish for three year terms. Officers are elected from and by the members of council and serve in their position for one year. Ex-officio members serve by virtue of their staff position in the parish and have no voting rights.


Dave Clifford


Amy Asseff


Paul Gambon

Virginia Greuloch

Michael Kay

Anna Maria Masterson

Ed Morris

Nikki O'Sullivan

Mary Price

Joseph Stottner

Michael Tucker


Fr. Adam Zajac


Dc. Dave Lundeen

Pastoral Minister

Briana David


Karen Cocita

Contact Pastoral Council

Thanks! Your message will be forwarded to the members of Pastoral Council.

View Council Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are taken by the council secretary, and posted after being approved by the council during the following month's meeting. Any parishioner is welcome to attend pastoral council meetings as an observer.



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