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Every Catholic should support their parish. Things like our presence, our energy, and our time are what bring a parish to life. This also means our financial support. St. Mark is proud to have over fifty employees between the church and school that do so many things to keep the parish strong for us all, from taking care of the physical buildings to running the parish office to organizing all the events. We want to pay them a just wage and support their families. We need to keep the lights on and the heat to fight off the cold. Your donations are the largest source of revenue that keeps the parish running.

Most people are used to the collection basket coming around during Sunday Mass. A lot of people still prefer that way to make their donation and that is great! But increasingly people find making scheduled, automatic donations from a checking account or credit card is their preferred way to support the parish. We’ve partnered with Faith Direct to schedule and process these donations.

Why Faith Direct?

Why should you consider using Faith Direct for your own donations?

  1. Efficiency and simplicity. It’s one less thing for you to do every week as you get ready for Mass.

  2. Your scheduled donation brings consistency to our budget and helps us make better plans for the parish.

  3. Not mailing you an envelope saves paper, our cost of mailing, and more stuff sitting around your house.

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