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Mass Intentions

There is a long standing practice in the Catholic faith of asking that a Mass be said for a loved one, especially the recently departed. If you would like to request this, please call the Parish Office at (216) 226-7577. Our staff will let you know what the next available Mass is, or if a date of your choosing is available, as only one intention can be accepted per Mass.

The customary offering for a Mass intention is $10. If this is a burden to you in any way, please let us know it will be readily waived.

Devotional Candles

Another common devotional practice is lighting candles in the church to symbolize a prayer intention. In the alcoves around our pews you will find statues with devotional candles that you can light, which will remain burning for several days. We ask for a $2 donation to cover the cost of the candle, which you can deposit in the donation slot near the candles.

Also, in our sanctuary are the Luke McGraw Memorial Candles, two larger candles placed next to the tabernacle which burn for a full week. Call the Parish Office if you would like to make memorialize a loved one for a week. We ask for a $6 donation, and will have their name in the bulletin.

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