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To evangelize means to bring Good News to every human situation and transform society through Gospel values. This ministry focuses on God's Word to help our fellow parishioners become enthusiastic and share the Word with others. Members investigate and discover ways to 'evangelize' through their personal living and parish life. 

Contact: Parish Office

Spiritual Life Committee

This group of individuals focuses on opportunities to enhance the spiritual life of the parish by bringing in guest speakers, sponsoring retreats, and organizing parish missions.

Contact: Parish Office

Intercessory Prayer Group 

There is a parishioner led intercessory prayer group called St. Mark Prayer Group, they gather monthly at the parish. This is an informal group with no registration required. The group is currently scheduled to meet on the first Thursday of the month at 7 pm.

Contact: Sue Chillemi

Bereavement Ministry

This ministry offers support and consolation to those experiencing the loss of a family member or friend who has died recently or in the past. Members reach out through phone calls, correspondence, and occasional support groups. 

Contact: Parish Office

Ministry of Prayer

Members of this ministry are committed to regular intercessory prayer for a variety of intentions for the parish and our community. The prayer chain is notified by phone calls or e-mail. 

Contact: Mrs. Pam Tippie (email prayer chain)

                Mrs. Kathy O'Malley (phone prayer chain)

Footprints of Faith Retreats

There are Men's and Women's retreats that are held during the year on the parish grounds. Men and Women 18 and over are invited to spend a weekend in prayer with Jesus, fellowship, reflection, and a weekend filled with love. Won't you join us as 'journey' together on this faith walk?

Contact: Parish Office

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