• Fr. Adam

Pope Francis published a new encyclical on fraternity and social friendship

This morning Pope Francis published a new encyclical for the first time in five years! I am very excited to read and reflect on what the pope has to say, as at a glance the encyclical seems very relevant and very needed for our times. This also seems to be something that Pope Francis is giving great weight to, not only because encyclicals are the most important writings of a pope, but also because he signed it at the tomb of St. Francis, published it on the feast of St. Francis, and of course was the first pope in history to take the name "Francis". I strongly encourage you to read through what the pope has to say to us all. Parts of it may be challenging and critical of socioeconomic principals that our culture has taken too far, perhaps, and I can't help but notice already that one chapter is titled "A Better Kind of Politics". Other parts, of course, might not be as relevant because the pope is writing faithful of the whole world. But regardless, an encyclical is always worth all of us reading, trusting that the Holy Spirit is acting. My hope is that I will be able to mention the encyclical in future homilies if they connect with the scriptures of any particular Sunday, or to at least include some snippets in the bulletin. Or I might offer some sort of Zoom study groups to go through it together over a few sessions. We shall see! First thing first, though... gotta read it myself!

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