• Fr. Adam

Minor changes to follow county stay-at-home health advisory

This afternoon Bp. Malesic send additional guidance to the priests of the Diocese in following the advisory orders that many counties in the Diocese issued on Wednesday. I am pleased to tell you that the guidance in his memo are mostly things that we are already doing: safe distance measures, cleaning and sanitizing, requiring facemasks, encouraging high-risk individuals to stay home, and following all previous instructions from the Diocese. The dispensation from Sunday Mass remains, and we continue to livestream the Sunday 11:00am Mass and weekday 8:30am Mass on our parish Facebook page. You do not need to a Facebook account.

The most significant change to current operations is that we will be limiting all parish events, excluding Mass and other liturgies in the church building, to a maximum of ten people. Most of our parish groups had already been meeting virtually or had temporarily suspended their activity during the pandemic. The parish staff will be working next week to make sure that all upcoming events are adjusted as needed.

I do remind and encourage you that we all need to take the pandemic, our personal health, and the health of those around us very seriously. We have all grown tired of this, I know. I am desperate to see the parish return to normal, but we have work to do together before that day comes. The thought of limiting our interaction with the family we don't live with as Thanksgiving approaches is an especially hard decision to consider. If you haven't already, please read the Board of Health's Stay-at-Home Health Advisory. It's only four pages and their recommendations during a pandemic is something we should all carefully listen to.

As we prepare ourselves for the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, this Sunday, let us remember that the King of the Universe chose to dwell with us as our brother. He knows the frustrations of the human heart as we long for healing, safety, and normalcy in life so well that he readily healed the sick and always listened to their cries. May we also do what is in our power to heal.

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