• Fr. Adam

Change of Mass times beginning in September, plus Covid update

As I mentioned a few weeks ago at the end of the Masses, both Sunday Mass times will be shifting by a half-hour. Starting in September, the weekend Mass times will be:

  • Saturday 4:00pm

  • Sunday 8:30am

  • Sunday 11:30am

If you weren't there for my explanation of the change, it is necessary as I balance my responsibilities both here and at St. Mel. The current Mass times overlap with each other between the two parishes, which means that if I or one of the visiting priests suddenly gets sick there would be no possible way to cover the Masses. St. Mel's is also adjusting their times as well as reducing the number of masses. More than anything else, this is a result of the clergy shortage that will be entering it's worst phase in the next ten-to-fifteen years before things are expected to even out again.

There will still be an overlap in the Saturday Vigil Mass times that is impossible for me to avoid. Absolute worst case scenario, for that Mass if something happened to me or one of the other priests we would have signs on the doors here asking everyone to go to the 4:30pm Mass at St. Mel that day.

In other news, the diocese issued some reminders about safety precautions as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Like our bishop and also Pope Francis, I encourage everyone to who is eligible to receive the vaccine.

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